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Homeowners Seek Convenience in all Kitchen Aspects

September 1st, 2014 | Posted in Blog

Homeowners are looking for convenience in all aspects of their kitchens, according to Meredith Holbert, a designer for MarKraft Cabinets. Kitchens should be:

Easily accessible. “People don’t want to be getting on the floor to reach into their base cabinets.” Instead of rummaging through foodstuffs or cookware, deep drawers and other roll-outs let you see—and reach—everything at a glance.

Swing-out components and turntables make corner cabinets accessible. Pull-out spice columns let a cook easily find every spice and condiment.

Easy to clean. Sealed antibacterial countertops keep kitchens sanitary. Simpler lines on doors, and less fussy hardware detailing, simplify cleaning. Elaborate moldings and handles with tiny crevices are less popular because they require more effort to clean. Both modern and traditional designs, like the simple Shaker style, can be uncluttered and low-maintenance.

Easy to view. LED under-cabinet lights brighten countertops. Recessed lighting on top of cabinets makes the whole room feel more open. Inside cabinets, lights, glass doors, and glass shelving make a bright, attractive display for fine china.

Easy to navigate. Function matters the most in a kitchen layout. The classic work triangle, sink to stove to refrigerator, should minimize steps and keep as much at arm’s length as possible. “Any leg of that core triangle should not exceed nine feet,” Holbert advises.

Easy to store away. To keep “junk” hidden, popular options include pantries, such as tall, four-door units and pull-out base units. Pull-out trays keep such countertop appliances as toasters and food processors out of sight until needed.

Easy to keep. Homeowners don’t want to get “stuck” with a design that may quickly become dated. Holbert says her clients are opting for classic, timeless looks. “We’re trying to keep people away from the really trendy things that they’ll wonder in a few years, ‘Why did I ever do that?’” She’ll ask customers about their fashion sense, how often they renew their bedding or wardrobes: “Are you the type of person who gets sick of something in six months?”

Easy to love and to show off. People want something they can be proud of, better than the house next door. The clients Holbert sees in MarKraft’s kitchen Selection Center typically balance “Keeping up with the Joneses” with a realistic budget.

MarKraft’s Selection Center is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday- Friday at 5424 Oleander Drive, Suite 9; evenings and Saturdays by