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May 25th, 2017 | Posted in Insights

Whenever you’re planning to revamp or remodel
your kitchen, every possibility is new. But we’re also
approaching that time of year when cabinet and
countertop manufacturers introduce their newest colors and
fi nishes, too.
Each spring, these releases give homeowners an d designers alike
new options as the latest product lines are rolled out.
Among anticipated trends for 2017 are ranges of gray tones that
may be warm or cool, pale or dark, said Jessica Nelms, one of the
designers at Wilmington’s Markraft Cabinets. These fi nishes have an
even wider spectrum, depending on the wood used.
Also, look for new “dry-brush” cabinet fi nishes – in which
harmonizing tones create a subtle linen look – and custom-made
concrete countertops in which embedded stones, shells, glass or
other elements create unique colors and patterns.
The visual texture of dry brush can either be subtle or highcontrast.
And concrete countertops, which Nelms said are “on an
uptick,” are custom-designed and typically have a white or gray shade
over which decorative items are embedded.
Manufacturers are now starting to give distributors like Markraft
a sneak peek at product offerings for next year. They are usually
unveiled during at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), held in
January in Orlando, Florida.
The show, Nelms said, “is the be-all and end-all for this industry,”
a place where designers can see the latest looks in everything from
appliances, plumbing and lighting to cabinets, counters and fl ooring.
What’s displayed at KBIS is typically available to consumers by early
spring. But as “insiders,” Nelms said Markraft gets to “see it fi rst,” giving
designers the ability to guide customers about what’s coming next.
Much of the innovation begins overseas.
“In color trends, we look to Europe fi rst,” Nelms said. “The U.S. is
usually a year or two behind them, where they’re more cutting edge.”
One source of innovation is Pantone, a company that provides a
color-matching system used in everything from paints and printing to
fashion design. Its “colors of the year,” Nelms said, are seen in clothing
and home furnishings – and kitchen cabinet designs as well.
Pantone’s Top 10 colors for spring are “reminiscent of the hues
that surround us in nature,” the company reports. While focused on
fabric and fashion, the list also infl uences home décor.
The number-one color – “Niagara” – is a grayish-blue, described as
“denim-like.” Second is “Primrose Yellow,” a bright, warm yellow that
isn’t gaudy. In third is “Lapis Blue,” an intense, radiant deep tone.
For area homeowners, those new colors are likely within their
design comfort zone.
“We see a lot of whites and variations of whites and a lot of grays,
and a lot of things in blues and greens,” Nelms said.
Those colors that capture nature – including water – are typical
in local homes.
Nelms said Markraft often sees the use of “sandy kinds of colors”
that don’t clash with what’s visible through kitchen windows.
“If they’re near the water, they don’t want to detract from the
view,” Nelms said of a subdued indoor palette to compliment more
vivid exterior colors.
In introducing new looks, Markraft’s designers will consult closely
with clients and interior designers to determine tastes and their
Color recommendations, Nelms said, depend on use. If you are
improving your kitchen to sell your home, conventional colors are best.
“But if it’s their dream home, their forever home, they’re a lot
more free to pick whatever colors they want,” she said.
While new looks will be available in sample cabinets and counters
beginning in early spring, designers expect to fi rst receive swatches
and smaller panels for clients to view.
Get a glimpse of the newest colors and fi nishes in kitchen
cabinetry and countertops in Markraft’s Design Center. Markraft’s
professional kitchen and bath designers consult by appointment, but
drop-in visitors are always welcome browse the showroom. The
Design Center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday,
at 2705 Castle Creek Lane, just off Castle Hayne Road.
Since 1985, Markraft has specialized in cabinet and countertop
design and installation in residential and commercial construction
and custom remodeling. To learn more about Markraft, go to Contact Markraft at (910) 762-1986 and like