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Kitchen Design Tips: Turning the tables on Countertops

November 6th, 2017 | Posted in Design Trends, Nashville | Tagged , ,

In a DIY world with so many design ideas at our fingertips with the click of a remote or a mouse, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel lost when trying to choose a countertop. From classic granites and marbles to newer materials like quartz and porcelain, here’s what you need to know about durability and design-ability so you can make the best decision for YOU…

Granite countertops have been the main staple for stone countertops for decades. Made from igneous rock, mineral crystals interlock together to form a very strong slab. Although granite is very strong it is porous and will need to be properly sealed once a year. Avoid using abrasive and acidic cleaners so that you don’t strip the sealer off and leave it prone to stains and bacteria. Although it is made from cooled lava, you do not want to put hot pots and pans directly on it to keep thermal shock from cracking the stone. Granite can be used outside, but will need to be sealed more often.

The timeless look of Marble is always on trend. With color possibilities from warm cream to cool white it’s easy to see why it is always a favorite. Marble is a softer stone that can be easily worn with scratches, stains, and etching, so you’ll want to make sure they are sealed properly and often. If you are looking for a worn, farmhouse look, these countertops are perfect. Try using a honed finish in high traffic areas, like kitchens, to avoid showing the etching and scratching as much.

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Quartz is a man-made “natural stone” slab and has grown exponentially in popularity over the last several years. It is typically 93% natural quartz stone that is crushed up and put together with pigments, to give each slab’s unique color, and binders, to hold it all together, making up the other 7%. These countertops are naturally non-porous which makes it stain and bacteria resistant. They do not require being sealed which is a major perk. You will still want to use care with hot pots & pans, and use gentle cleaners. Some quartz companies offer very modern, solid patterns, and aggregate type patterns, while others, like Cambria, offer slabs with more movement and brighter color options. Although extremely durable inside, the pigments & binders in these stones will break down over time if they are used in an outdoor application.

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Pyrolithic Stone is a manmade material that is made of entirely organic materials. This new type of “stone” countertop is resistant to stains, chemicals, scratches, frost, and heat up to 2,000 degrees farenheit, making it perfect for indoor AND outdoor applications. If this material interests you, take a look at GeoLuxe which won the Gold Award at the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).


If you are really looking for something durable in all applications you will love the idea of Porcelain countertops. While Porcelain tiles have been around for decades, the forward thinking idea of using it on walls, fireplaces, and countertops in slab form has only recently made its appearance in the design industry. Like the pyrolithic stone, it is resistant to stains, chemicals, scratches, frost, and heat, making it perfect for indoor AND outdoor applications.

If you really want to be technologically savvy, check out this video.


Sapien Stone has partnered with SubZero/Wolfe Technology to create amazing possibilities. You can now have a table/countertop with embedded induction cooling and heating. You can cook on your table, serve at preheated place settings, or chill your guests’ wine, all on one beautiful and durable surface.


Regardless of your style and budget, you can talk with professional designers about creating a unique countertop and cabinet solution for your home at Markraft’s Nashville Design Center. Contact our design team to schedule a consultation or visit our Nashville showroom for ideas and inspiration. The Design Center is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1664 Elm Hill Pike in Nashville.

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