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Service Installation

Our experienced installation staff is made up of true craftsmen trained at the highest level the industry has to offer. We call them our InstaAll-Stars because their performance is anything but ordinary. For our offerings that include it, superior installation is at the very core of the MarKraft experience.


  • All MarKraft installers are screened and thoroughly trained on MarKraft’s standards and guidelines.
  • New installers are monitored and evaluated on their initial installations to ensure MarKraft standards are met and customers are supremely happy.
  • Evaluations are ongoing to ensure quality and standards are maintained and regular training is conducted to keep installers updated on all safety and quality issues.
  • All sub-contractors are required to have current General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Upon completion of the installation, a job completion inspection is conducted by a MarKraft Account Representative in conjunction with the customer’s Project Foreman/Superintendent.
  • A Project Completion Acknowledgement (PCA) checklist is used in this thorough review process.