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Covid-19 Update: Markraft Showroom Hours and Contact Information

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What is Connect 4 Cabinets?

Simplicity, efficiency, fast response, lower prices, quality products and exceptional service.

Unique and a “first of its kind” concept, Connect 4 Cabinets is a service of Markraft Cabinets that began as a joint initiative between Markraft, Woodmont Cabinetry and UltraCraft Cabinetry. These three very experienced and successful Companies joined together to answer a question that the market struggled with at the time of the Construction Industry bubble burst of 2008 … “How can cabinetry be delivered to the market place with lower costs and higher standards for quality and service?”

We work with Dealers, Contractors, Remodelers and Multi-family Builders and Developers who are looking to purchase product only with no design or installation services. In this manner, Markraft Cabinets acts as the manufacturers representative to provide the product needed directly through the “C4C” system, avoiding unnecessary freight costs, handling costs and mark ups.

Following are some common Connect 4 Cabinets Q&A’s:

Q ) Will Connect 4 Cabinets sell to individuals homeowners?
Connect 4 Cabinets sells only to Dealers, Contractors, Remodelers, Builders and Developers. Individual Homeowners work with our Designers based out of our Design Studios.

Q ) Are there any service or membership fees?
No fees are required.

Q) What cabinet manufacturers and suppliers does Connect 4 Cabinets work with?
Connect 4 Cabinets works with multiple manufacturers to meet the varying needs of our customer. Your Sales Representative will meet with you to discuss your project needs in order to present you with options to best suit your needs.

Q ) Is there a minimum purchasing commitment?
No minimum purchase required.

Q ) What is the typical lead time for product?
Three weeks for most standard products and up to six weeks for custom products.

Q ) What is the freight cost?
Freight costs vary per manufacturer and are dependent on the size of the order. Your C4C Sales Representative or Customer Service Representative will review your freight options with you at time of order.  As a result of the volume of our business we are able to “piggy back” most C4C orders through our current truckload delivery system which in turn provides cost savings to our C4C customers.

Q ) Can you purchase door and drawer hardware through Connect 4 Cabinets?
Yes, we do offer door and drawer hardware.

Q ) Can you purchase countertops (granite, cultured marble, laminate, etc…)  through Connect 4 Cabinets?
Yes, but those items are limited to multi-family and rehab projects only.

Q ) Does Connect 4 Cabinets offer installation services?
Yes, but that service is limited to multi-family and rehab projects only.

Q ) Are there product samples and literature available?
Yes, all new customers receive manufacturer specific starter sample kit of literature and door samples at no charge.