Brittany Beoddy

A highly-valuable asset to the executive team at Markraft, Brittany brings 7 years of customer service and 2+ years of management experience to the table — ensuring daily success at each of our showroom locations. She’s from a big family with four siblings, one biological and three adopted from different countries: a brother from Sri Lanka & two sisters from Uganda. A passion for culture and traveling runs deep in Brittany as she’s traveled to nearly every continent and has since developed a well-rounded world view. She is full of determination and humility, competing for 13 years as a USAG gymnast and even learning to walk again after a major car accident which put her in a wheelchair in 2014. Today she works diligently on listening and communicating with our customers and vendors. Brittany believes “people want to feel seen and heard” and she excels at both. Outside of work, you can find Brittany pursuing her musical passions, hoping to write an album some day with her husband, she sings and he plays keys and synth!