Jill Reels

With nearly three decades of award-winning design experience, Jill is our talented crystal ball at Markraft — capable of seeing into the future and accurately predicting how to avoid pitfalls. She brings valuable construction understanding to the job site and applies its relationship with design to ensure success, regardless of obstacles. Jill calls it “boots on the ground learning” and truly enjoys challenging herself — even creating the kitchen set for WSMV’s “Today In Nashville,” the TN NBC affiliate. Born in Miami, FL but raised in Nashville, Jill is a Tennessee proud country girl with four adult daughters who (like their mother) are building strong paths forward. Jill holds a B.S. Interior Design from Western Kentucky University and was voted Best Designer 2016 & 2017 in Robertson County, TN. Outside of relationship building with coworkers and providing excellent service in Apex, NC, Jill loves to get outdoors with her husband and dogs, hiking and attending live music concerts!